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We are Better Together.

Better Together hopes to harness the power of mentoring and bring it to women’s lives in whatever sense they want it. It could be for the following:

-Confidence building in social settings

Maybe you’re going through something in life that you want a little guidance with

-Have an idea that just won’t go away and want some support to put it out there.

Have a dream that you don’t know where to start and want help from someone that has been down the same path to help get you started

This is about your ‘journey’, whether you know the destination, have gone off track or not sure of what continent you want to be on, we’d like to help. Every woman has the potential to be someone incredible, in fact, you are incredible, so let’s get to changing the world!

Where has Better Together come from?

Imagine the scene:  It’s a warm but windy day and we’re sat with our legs dangling over the marina in a small town in Spain, drinking a can of pop and pondering life whilst away from our normal habitat. The conversation turns to the future: ‘I’ve got an idea that just won’t go away.  What if we could bring women together to support one another to achieve something?’, is where it started and why we are here now. The idea stuck and through many different conversations and life experiences, it has developed and grown. Having had various experiences of being mentored and, more recently, being able to be mentors, we have seen and experienced the power that it holds. BUT it only tends to happen in a professional sense. So we are trying to bring it to all aspects of life, and in a time where we are currently all distanced, we’d like to bring you together to get the best out of each other.

So, what’s it got to do with you? 

Maybe you are interested in being one of the mentors? You can be from everywhere and anywhere, with various life skills, experiences and backgrounds. You might have loads of experience in mentoring or they may be a newbie, the key bit is that you have the desire to raise others up. 

Maybe you want to be mentored? Then we’ll connect you with one of the great mentors for you to get cracking with your journey. Either way, we know, by connecting so many different women together we will be … Better Together.

Who’s behind Better Together? 

Better Together Project is a non-profit project set up by Sara and Stephanie Harnett.  Sara is from the Midlands, UK and values honesty, humour, passion and enthusiasm.  Steph is from Michigan, USA and values family, friendships, community and loyalty.  So, how do a brit and a yank come together to create something?… well we are partners in life (married since 2012) and now partners in a project. That was us having that conversation on the Spanish marina side back in 2019, that same idea got written down on the hotel notepad and was initially called ‘The 5 year Project’. 

Neither of us have ever done anything like this before, so bare with us as we learn the ropes, for where we may fall down we will bounce back in abundance with our values.

Sara has been mentored throughout her professional career and gained so much learning from the people willing to give her their time. Having been a teacher, sports coach and worked in management in the sports industry, she has had opportunities to mentor people of various ages and backgrounds. She is a firm believer in analogies, listening and untapped potential … ‘you don’t know what you can achieve or learn without first stepping into something new’. 

Steph is a self-help addict and has spent many years trying to understand the ways of the world and her place in it.  In the last few years she has faced my challenges through moving to a new country, securing work and adjusting to a whole new culture.  She believes that without great people and mentors in her life then she would have never been able to adjust to all the changes and thrive.  She has worked in various business roles and was most recently an account manager.  She loves to learn about new cultures and ways of life and looks forward to creating a community of amazing women for the greater good.

So join us and get ready to be better together!

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