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The Project

If you’ve made it this far, you’re definitely keen but you want some more info eh? Well you’re in the right place, whether you’re interested in our vision, being a mentor or being mentored let’s get to it. If this page doesn’t answer all of your questions, you’ll find our FAQ’s at the bottom.

Vision & Mission

V: To develop a community of strong, empowered, confident women that pay it forward and support each other.

M: Through mentoring, a diverse network of all women will use their shared life and career experiences to support and develop each other.


If you’re thinking about signing up to be a mentor, great! There’s some more info below to help you hit that sign up button.

No previous experience
You don’t need any qualifications or even to have officially mentored before. Everyone has to start somewhere right? You just need experience in the areas you’d like to support with.

Over 18
You have to be at least over 18 to mentor or be mentored. That is pretty much our only restriction (oh, and the woman bit).

From Anywhere
Wherever it is that you call home, we would love for you to get involved. With technology as it is, mentoring can be done online too.

1 hour per week
That’s all the time you need to offer up per week, it could be less, it could be more. It all depends on what you and your mentee agree on. It also depends on how many mentee’s you’d like to take on.

Good listener
This is important, you need to give your mentee the air space to talk and reflect. You don’t have to provide all the answers, you just need to help them tease them out of themselves.

Desire to help
That’s why you’re here right? You’re interested in what you can give? You wish someone was there to help you through or with x, y or z? You can do this, we know you can, that is why we’re here … because of you, we see you!

Be Mentored

You can be mentored in anything, from something you are struggling with in life to something you want to take to the next level. You can see some of mentors on our ‘mentors’ page for a better idea.

Cost = FREE
The project is completely free to access, it’ll only cost you some time and some trust.

From anywhere
Wherever you call home is included, a mentor might not be in your locality but as long as you can access the internet then we can set you up virtually.

Over 18
As long as you are over 18, that’s our only restriction. You may be mentored by someone older or younger than you but they’ll always be over 18.

Below are an example of some of the things that you could be mentored on. This is not exclusive so please don’t discount anything

The Experience

Sign up, Pair Up, Open Up, Repeat (if you want to!)

Sign Up
Hit one of the (many, we’re persistent, we know!) sign up buttons on this website and we’ll take a few details.

Pair Up
Once signed up we’ll take a look to see if we have a mentor or mentee for you. If we do, we’ll introduce you and set you off on your merry way. If we don’t we’ll get to finding one for you. It might be slow to start with but we’ll get you paired up. Your sessions might be online, in person or a mixture. As a pair you decide how it will work for you.

Open Up
Once paired up, you now just both need to be open to the experience and open with each other. We’ll check in every now and again, possibly ask for some feedback and see how things are going.


You can carry on mentoring and we’ll find you a new mentee or you can take on multiple mentees at any time. Just let us know if you want us to update your mentoring areas.

As a mentee you can have more than one mentor, we’d recommend they work with you on different areas though. You can also at any time decide you’d like to mentor as well or instead of.

Either way, you don’t have to repeat straight away, it is entirely flexible, we’d just love for you to be part of #teamBTP in any way, shape or form.

Got more questions?

Awesome, we’re curious too. Below you will find our FAQ’s, email address and social links so if there is anything we haven’t answered yet, definitely let us know!

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