Find where you ROAR!

Written by: Sara Harnett

Finding your voice can sometimes be quite difficult and knowing where you feel comfortable voicing it can take time. We believe mentoring can help with the path to this discovery. This upcoming analogy is one that has stuck with me for a few years now and one I seem to go back to. It’s probably very apt in these current times of lock down and change. So, have you ever related yourself to an animal? No … really? … it can’t just be me surely? If that’s the case, you might have to bear (get it 😉) with me here.

My animal tends to be a lion, mainly because of the hair. Name an animal with more bad-ass hair than a lion … exactly. A lion has many skills and attributes; fantastic hunter, family oriented and if the Lion King is anything to go by, very fair and balanced leaders (you always get a bad apple aka Scar). When a lion is in its natural habitat, it is a revered and monumental animal, one used in stories and descriptions for strength, honour and fierceness. We put the lion up on a pedestal.

Imagine a lion in your street, are you still impressed and placing it on a pedestal or are you now crapping yourself at the possibility you might be its next meal. Put that lion into the sea or a lake, are they still as effective at being as lion? The answer is … nope. They’ve had to adapt to their environment and this has affected people’s opinion of them, their skills are now not apparent or not seen so positively.

I’ve talked about the lion quite a bit here, but it is very similar for us as humans. Each and every one of us is bloody brilliant at … being ourselves. We all have skills, characteristics and attributes that are sought after, envied and possibly even undiscovered. It could boil down to your environment. If your environment doesn’t allow you to be the lion you either know you can be or, feel you have the potential to be, it doesn’t make you any less of a lion. It does however, mean that you might need to spend some time and energy understanding what environment makes you ROAR (or whatever noise is associated with your chosen animal).

Environment can mean so many things. Look at your physical environment, be that your home or your work space. Do you work a job that keeps you attached to a computer most of the time and therefore you’re barely growling? How about your social environment? Have you roared in front of friends and they have encouraged and supported you? Or is it quite the opposite?

The environments you place yourself or find yourself in will play such a large part in how successful, confident and overall bloody brilliant you feel. I’ve felt like a lion in a lake so many times, I have to remind myself that it doesn’t make me any less of a lion. I just have to figure out how to adapt during that moment to be the best I can be, until I can discover and get back to my natural habitat.

Lock down has made a lot of people reflect on their purpose, their wants, their needs. Whilst they might have been roaring, they may now be in a place where they want to make a different noise. Maybe that’s you? Maybe you’re actually ready to see if you can roar louder in a different environment?

Mentoring can play a large part in helping someone adapt to their current environment and therefore evolve into an incredible adapted animal that flourishes , or encouraging that person to go out and explore where their ideal environment is. It isn’t an easy process figuring all of this out, I’m definitely still not there yet. But where it used to be a process that really scared me, it is now something that I try to embrace and look forward to. Just imagine all the sights you’re going to see along the way, now … you want to take someone on that journey with you right?

If you’d like some help finding your roar get in touch with us and we can set you up with one of our incredible mentors. Alternatively, if that’s a path you’ve already trodden how about coming on board as mentor? Imagine how beautiful it would sound if you could help someone else roar?

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Our main purpose to create a community of women that support and encourage each other through mentoring. We can help with your personal, professional and social goals. It is up to you what you would like to work on with your mentor. If you have a goal we can find the right person to help you achieve it. We can all be Better Together!

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